Secure Portal

Best-in-class personal data security and fraud protection for your customers.

Enso SP (Secure Portal) is an innovative solution for websites, e‑commerce platforms,and paid subscription services with real time API for integration with fraud monitoring systems.

Using unique data and cutting-edge fraud detection technologies, Secure Portal provides advanced user authentication and detects fraudulent activity on the client side in real-time.

Secure Portal enables businesses to control risks related to the weakest link in the Internet business security chain – website users. Secure Portal detects fraud preparation and attempts in real time without installation of any additional software on client devices to identify the following groups of threats:
 - Unsanctioned access and use of sensitive or confidential information
 - Bank card data collection and stolen card use
 - Phishing attacks, social engineering attack methods
 - Unsanctioned remote connection to a consumer’s device using their indicators to conduct transactions on his/her behalf
 - New types of fraud committed on the client side