Brand Protection

Технологическая защита интеллектуальной собственности в глобальной сети.

Enso BP (Brand Protection) – a technological service designed to detect and eliminate threats to your brand on the Internet. It's prevent financial and reputational damage caused to businesses by brand abuse, Internet fraud, online piracy, counterfeiting and smear campaigns.

Intellectual property protection plays a critical role in economic
progress, helps strengthen the country's position in the world and enhances
its intellectual potential and growth.

The system identifies violations based on its previous experience. It studies the tag cloud, images and the structure of billions of pages. Using Big Data also helps to neutralize the fraudsters resources network. The analytic technology automatically identifies the links between fraudulent sites and between groups in social networks. Enso leverages its unique technology used in investigations of cybercrimes to establish direct contact with fraudsters. Future losses prevented by detecting fraudulent activities during the domain registration phase and smear campaigns as they arise.