Threat Intelligence

Be aware of and prepare for actors who aim to disrupt your business. Receive proactive notifications about on planned attacks, changing TTPs, and other behaviours.

Enso TI (Threat Intelligence) allows to identify compromised data from malware control panel or criminal infrastructure - accounts, bank cards, money mules, International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEIs) — along with information on when, where and how it has been exposed. Context enables to not only reaction to but also shut down the source of the breach to prevent further damage.

Unique insight, access and visibility other vendors simply do not have, particularly dealing with threats to the financial sector

Enso proprietary technology helps detect 5,000+ unique cases of phishing daily. It is designed to proactively hunt for phishing based on customised criteria, extract phishing kits, and respond automatically in order to speed up the detection, investigation, and mitigation of phishing attacks.

Improve your system’s blocking and detection capabilities by enriching it with indicators from Enso Threat Intelligence. We detect threats that originate in Russia and Eastern Europe at the attack preparation and testing stages, which helps clients identify attacks early. Enso Threat Intelligence is available through Threat Intelligence Platforms (TIPs), API, STIX/TAXII and can be aesily integrated into SIEM, firewalls, IDS/IPS, and other security systems.